The mission of the International Centre for Olympic Studies and Olympic education is in promoting the ideals and values of Olympism through acquisition, accumulation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Olympic sports.
Activities of the International Centre are developed in three main areas: research, education, and publishing .
The main objectives of the Centre are:
- Conducting basic and applied research on the historical, organizational, legal , socio -economic and educational aspects of the Olympic Movement;
- Preparation and publication of scientific, educational and methodical literature which could be in help for a specialist in the field of physical culture and sport, and supply the general public with a system of modern knowledge on the Olympic sports;
- Formation of a reference and information fund for preparation of analytical materials, distribution of information products and consulting on the history and development of the Olympic Movement;
- Creation of favorable environment and providing information resources for training scientific and pedagogical staff through postgraduate education at master, and doctorate level;
- Development and implementation of special programs to attract children and young people to the ideals and values of Olympism through education, upbringing and education of the younger generation;
- Organization of national and international congresses, conferences , workshops and other public events to disseminate scientific knowledge, exchange information and experience among researchers and practitioners in the system olympic sports;
- Development of cooperation with various international and national sporting , scientific and educational institutions and organizations with the aim of formation of integrated space, accumulation and sharing of knowledge in Olympic education and research work .

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